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Community Testimonials

"McNeil does a very professional job in handling every aspect of our community from preparing monthly and yearly financials to the day to day operations of community maintenance and upkeep.  They make our job as board members very easy."    - Barry G., HOA President, Riverview

"McNeil Management continues to do an excellent job for us. They provide valuable input relating to our covenants and are knowledgeable concerning procedures. They are also experts in handling the day to day details and follow-ups that would otherwise make board membership a full time job."    - Pat H., HOA Treasurer, Seffner

"Our HOA has engaged McNeil Management for a number of years.  If there is any one point or service that comes to mind, it is the level of professionalism that we enjoy from McNeil Management.  This is not a "stuffy" professionalism, but one peppered with common sense, good business practice, fair business dealings and a genuine caring for the work they do.  I would not single out any one individual, but these folks are "top shelf" in the services they provide our Board and homeowners."   - Martin M., HOA President, Riverview 

"McNeil's professionalism, attention to detail, and overall efficient operation is what impresses me the most. We can always count on Doug or Pamela to provide our Board with the answers we need in a timely manner."    - Henry R., HOA President, Seffner

"I have been a board member and have been associated with McNeil Management for 5 years.  They have always been a pleasure to work with in addition to being very knowledgeable and customer service orientated.  As evidenced by our continued relationship with them for all these years, I would highly recommend McNeil Management and their extremely professional staff!"    - Mark S., HOA Director, Riverview

"I have found with McNeil Management that their service turnaround and payment of invoices are very prompt.  They are very friendly, resourceful and attentive to their clients needs."    - Evy G., HOA President, Brandon

"Thanks for all the good you (McNeil Management) have done for us. You and your team are sincere in your words and actions, and in the world we live in that's very rare. We needed McNeil when we first became a HOA (not the other two we had). Many owners and some Board members believe that an HOA can run on its own. We who have done this job know it CANNOT, and that you do need someone like McNeil to do this RIGHT."     - Lou P., HOA President, Brandon

"McNeil Management has been a wonderful choice for our community!  They’re local, which means they can respond quickly to our HOA issues.  They’re friendly and eager to answer any questions we have as a board, and always provide us with great advice.  We love the fact that our monthly fee is the same every month so there are never any unexpected charges to our budget.  I would highly recommend McNeil Management to any HOA looking for quality, commitment, and great customer service at a reasonable price!"     - Kim R., HOA President, Brandon

"I bring a somewhat unique view to our HOA board in that I am an exclusive REO broker. I know first hand what happens to communities that stray from their stated restrictions. The ensuing quality of the community degrades and affects the prices that the particular community will bring on sale day of a property. It is imperative to have management that is not only in sync with the board, but is able to advise the board on issues that will affect them long term. On our board we are very lucky to have McNeil Management Services as our property manager. First of all they are always accessible by either phone or e-mail. They look out for our well being, keep our cash flow in order and advise us on any outstanding issues that may arise. Their years of experience are reflected in the advice they give to the board. I can assure you that this firm stands out among the many that are out there. I highly recommend them to any HOA community needing good management."   - Frank P., Board Member, Seffner

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